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Improved Social Media visibility that Augurs Well for Business:

In this case study we have a look at how the client was facing difficulties in converting its target market because of a social media disconnect. Because of this, its key audience – i.e. students aspiring for higher education certifications – was not able to know about the superior quality exam prep offered by EduMind.

With the Social Media Optimization (SMO) strategies this void was filled up and ensured that brand authority and recall value shot up significantly to improve the business bottom lines. The social media presence of the clients’ business was elevated up by several notches with targeted social media campaigns on the popular platforms.

The client:

  • Offers courses and conducts training classes for higher education students
  • Provides on-demand and live online training for exam prep

The problem:

As compared to other forms of marketing, social media generates immense traction for businesses. It is no wonder that social media ad spend has increased from $16 billion (2014) to $31 billion (2016). For the client, however, this platform was yet to take off as a significant digital revenue driver. Though it has social media accounts, there was a lack of regular interaction using these channels. With irregular posting of updates and content, the social media was going down in terms of share of generating leads and engaging with new audience to explain their brand USP.

The client wanted to outpace competition in search engine visibility and garnering engagement with students who were predominantly active on these platforms. It wanted to bring out its unique offerings in innovative yet effective value proposition in high quality exam preparation for higher studies. By regularly posting on the various social media channels it wanted to highlight its active presence, build lasting relationship with students and their parents, and unlock business opportunities by leveraging the outreach of social media.

Since the client was finding it challenging to leverage the social media channels with dedicated efforts, they wanted a dependable partner who could help build an impactful brand authority image on the social media to attract higher education students to their social media channels, drive engagement on a regular basis, be accessible to them on the various platforms, and thus, utilize the platforms to generate active leads.

The solution construct:

iNoryaSoft had already delivered immense value on the SEO and SEM objectives for the business. Along with this we were tasked with building a formidable brand reputation on the social media channels. The various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn had a substantial chunk of the main market. We needed to act quick so that their decision to pursue higher education could be aligned to our client’s expertise in providing expositional assistance in preparing for competitive exams for professional degrees./p>

We started off by fine-tuning the existing social media profiles of the client on the different channels. We also optimized the profile presence on various groups and made sure that it was relevant to the industry and the market segment the client is targeting. We then zeroed in on connecting with the influencer groups that could hold tremendous sway in inspiring the students to go with the client to bolster their higher education success aspirations.

We also created engaging content (posts, videos, images) to drive up the interaction with students so that they have a positive brand recall. There are various actions like posts liking, comments, review postings, polls creation, and post sharing.

We also built and deployed a comprehensive insight monitoring system. It tracked the key performance metrics and gave an analysis of how we were doing on these KPIs. This way any course correction could be done in real time, and the client got transparent feedback on how the SMO campaign was performing.

The benefit:

  • The client can lead competition in terms of online presence with a widespread social media visibility
  • With regular postings and activity on the channels, more and more students came to know about the client which in turn, drove online traffic to the website
  • Because of the engaged social media visitors coming to the site, conversions became easier
  • This lead to a rise in the number of enrolments that the client obtained
  • The client was always kept in the loop about how the SMO implementation was working out for the business. This ensured that it continued to receive great RoI with perfectly optimized SMO services.

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