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High Performance online site traffic driven by SEO:

The case study elaborates on how strategic SEO campaign carried out for the client enabled high volume targeted traffic flow to the website. It looks at the problems prior to implementing the SEO programme and how the enhanced organic search traffic ensured better visibility for the academic institution.

The client:

  • Offers courses and conducts training classes for higher education students
  • Provides on-demand and live online training for exam prep

The problem:

The client faced problem with lower search engine ranking because of which they couldn’t position their service offerings to the key target audience (i.e. the higher education aspirants in the US). Because of this issue, students who queried for engineering, medical, and PMP course examination prep assistance couldn’t discover the client or their unique academic offerings.

This led to a poor response from the online audience, and hence most of them were headed to the competitor sites that came up better in terms of search engine rankings. It was losing business to competition simply because the students weren’t aware of the client presence in academic domain.

The key problem was bringing the client website top of search rankings so that students would click on their website rather than their competitors’ website. By resolving this issue, they hoped to make more enrolments from students and leverage the online medium as a significant revenue generator for the institution.

The solution construct:

iNoryaSoft was brought in with a clear directive – to enable better quality site traffic and higher volume of website footfalls.

For this, we first identified the specific segment group that the client was targeting (i.e. students who are completing higher education). This was important as it, later, gave guidance on what were the common search queries performed by students or parents to know more about higher education examination planning and tuition.

Once we knew what the users are searching for, we carried out a rigorous keyword analysis. This helped us to know what keywords to add in the content so that students could associate the client’s offerings with what they are looking for.

As a strategic SEO consultant, we devised and rolled out a comprehensive SEO campaign that involved pushing fresh content at regular intervals and engineering the website with right meta tags for better searchability.

We also executed off-page SEO that included high quality link building that improved the industry authority and credibility of the site content when read by the site visitors.

As a part of our SEO offerings, we also monitored the campaign performance and how it was doing when aligned with client expectations. With keen analysis we were able to track key metrics and ensure that it met the overall stated objectives appropriately.

The benefit:

  • The client saw a marked increase in the quality and quantity of traffic coming in from organic search. With the help of keyword optimized content, it was able to succinctly describe what the business is all about and how the students would gain from its competitive edge.
  • The client was able to bring down the bounce rate substantially. This denoted that the site visitors who were coming in viewed potentially helpful content that helped them to explore more pages. This way, with improved SEO, the client was able to engage better with the students and parents, and propel the overall site browsing experience.
  • With increased emphasis on correcting and fixing the issues around meta tags, we can better explain the search engine bots, what the site is about, and for which type of queries should it be ranked higher.
  • Visitor engagement reached a new level of satisfaction with compelling, yet helpful content posted across the different pages of the website. Since students got helpful information, they stayed longer with the site. This also added a dual advantage of getting repeated site visitors and gaining referrals from the loyal customers.

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