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Strategic SEM That Generates RoI and Better Business Online:

The case study discusses the problem with poor outcomes generated by the client’s older internet marketing campaign in terms of lower customer engagement and not-so-great online business visibility. It touches upon how the revised strategy of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) implemented by iNoryaSoft provided dual advantages to the client. It not only catapulted the visibility of the brand value proposition for the client company, but also drove targeted traffic to the site and boosted conversions substantially.

The client:

  • Offers courses and conducts training classes for higher education students
  • Provides on-demand and live online training for exam prep

The problem:

The client wanted to beat competition in search engine rankings, so that students who are interested in searching more about viable higher education exam prep could discover the value proposition of the client. However, the lack of a cohesive plan prevented the client to meet this objective. It was rapidly losing new enrolments to competitors who were placed higher on search engine rankings (either organically or through paid campaigns).

Since more students and parents were enrolling with competitor academies, the client was unable to position itself as a leader in higher education training in the US with effective outreach. This also meant that, the high business and revenue targets it had from the online segment weren’t achieved within the stated time.

As a result, the company saw that it was losing the user-base, as not many were able to know about their existence and the stellar work they have been doing in the field of exam prep training for higher education students. The client wanted to reverse the slide and in quick time. It also wanted to invest in an online marketing plan that delivered results faster than the traditional SEO route.

The solution construct:

With a major hand in the client’s earned traffic (i.e. SEO), we were a natural fit for the client’s paid search marketing requirements. Our domain experience helped us seal the deal with the client and our past track record helped the client to understand our calibre in the field of paid search marketing. Our scope of work entailed the 3 main SEM platforms - Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter.

The first step was to brainstorm with the client about the line of business, their services/ products, and their main audience over the online space. Post this, we came up with a list of keywords that would be most probably keyed in by the Google users to find businesses like the client. This also included factoring in specific information like geo-location. With the right contextual information, we made sure that only high-quality traffic was made aware of the client’s expertise in the US.

Now that we knew which keywords we were running after, we then designed the groupings so that we could send bids to the search engines along with carefully tailored ads. Our intense focus was on creating relevant PPC keywords list, fine-tuning the keyword groups, and generating better ad copy.

We also optimized the PPC text ads and used modified broad match options to refine the targeting for better returns at a lower cost. We also focused on CTR and well-aligned landing page ad for a better-quality score to get the top spot in PPC search.

As a part of our campaign monitoring initiative, we kept a track of how each keyword and keyword group was performing on a regular basis. All under-performing and expensive keywords were quickly replaced with new cost-optimal keywords to enhance the efficacy of the campaign.

The benefit:

  • The client got remarkable traction for a nominal investment bidding for relevant keywords to bring in better quality site traffic.
  • Because of a higher volume of the right set of people coming into the site through PPC, the number of eyeballs it captivated shot up exponentially.
  • With the higher flow of targeted traffic and better reach in the market, the likelihood of conversion too increased dramatically.
  • The amount of sales generated by the SEM campaigns improved visibility than the cost incurred for bidding on keywords. As a result, the client was able to achieve unmatched RoI on the PPC campaign developed by iNoryaSoft.
  • We enabled real time, transparent, and easy-to-use reporting and analysis for our clients’ benefit. They could track the weekly performance of the ads and see that the dollars were working hard to bring in targeted site traffic.

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