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iNoryaSoft advises you on how best to maximize business value from data. Say goodbye to traditional data processing and improve decision quality massively with big data, business analytics, dashboard visualization and cloud computing tools, platforms and technologies.

Big Data – Turning data into intelligence to open up opportunities - Is improving the accuracy and timeliness of your decisions a key priority? iNoryaSoft can introduce you to analytics software and technologies that help in making sense of data from various sources. Empower your team with solutions that help them deliver better products and services.

Business Intelligence – Making tactical and strategic planning more efficient - If your IT is still running complex reports, it is time to switch to business intelligence and analytics. We can suggest BI tools that help you gain valuable insights to improve strategies and operations. Ensure rapid decision-making and more profitable outcomes from actions based on evidence.

Data Warehousing – Extracting value from organization's historical data - Are you looking to leverage data warehousing to improve decision making and analytical reporting? We can identify the best data warehousing solutions that summarize large volumes of historical data to fulfill your analysis and reporting needs.

Advanced Analytics – Generating deep insights and enabling accurate predictions - If you want to quickly sift through massive volumes of data to answer important questions, iNoryaSoft can help you identify advanced analytics solutions. Access technologies that examine complex data sources and analyze patterns for accurate recommendations and predictions.

Cloud Analytics – Offering analytics capabilities with web browser convenience - If you're looking for a cost-efficient yet powerful analytics solutions, cloud is the way to go. We can provide cloud analytics solutions that ensure a fast path to data and insights over any web browser. Information is always at hand on your business trips and via your mobile devices.

Reporting & Dashboards – Monitoring your organization's performance and health - Want to drive your business forward with agile decision-making? Based on your requirements, we can recommend dashboards for sales, business and financial management, customer service, purchasing and other functions.

The BI and analytics landscape is vast and its potential is limitless. iNoryaSoft helps you make the best choices that meet your goals and deliver a healthy ROI.